This Blog is one HOT SPOT! Ring the Belle.


Belle is competing in an underground BDSM competition, attended by the very dominant Goddess Div. Belle equated herself well in the exhibition and Goddess Div wants to have her as a pet.

Belle is approached by two of Goddess Div’s minions and is invited to meet the Goddess personally at her mansion. Belle readily agrees. In her mind this is a chance of a lifetime to have caught the attention of such a famous Dominatrix.

Goddess Div accepts Belle as her newest submissive and explains in order for her to be completely accepted she must endure numerous, grueling feats of endurances. Belle is anxious for the trial to begin.

Belle’s next few weeks involve intensive examination, testing the limits of her body. She is literally poke, prodded, used and abused, much to Belle’s delight. But she carelessly offends the Goddess and must submit to the severest punishment, meted out by the Goddess herself.

Will Belle endure the overwhelming brutal punishment?

The Slick Spot:

Meghan and Emily meet in a small town in Kentucky, while they are both on business. Over a few glasses of wine and casual conversation in the Hotel bar the spark soon fly.

The short encounter, is intense and erotic. For Meghan it was like a reboot in her life. For Emily it was sensational sex.

It seemed to the women, every one of the 5 senses were explored

The Right Spot:

Newly divorced Brittany is enjoying the single life, enjoying a succession of lovers, both male and female. But the biggest catalyst to the lesbian side, was giving a ride to a young female grad student. That five hour drive ended up as an all- nighter. That opportunity came when she had dropped her daughter off at college and the chance to give Traci a right was too good to be true.

Over lunch with an old friend, Brittany gets lost in their conversation and her mind returns to Traci. Knowing her friend is not following the conversation, Jessica, calls her back to reality. Traci soon forgotten.

Jessica excused herself to freshen up and leaves Brittany alone. But not for long as their beautiful waitress, Irena, makes an overture toward the older Brittany, providing her name and cell number.

Brittany is now confronted with a dilemma and is at a loss in a way to handle the situation. The two friends leave the restaurant and bid each other farewell. Alone Brittany is left to make a major decision. How will she choose?

Tight Spot:

Trapped in a sour marriage, Meg and her husband, Brad, are celebrating New Year’s Eve separately. Both are attending parties, held by their employers.

Meg is determined to have a good time, without the restrictions of her over bearing husband. She plans to party like a single woman.

Surrounded by friends, the conversations get rather erotic in nature and it soon becomes obvious none of her female friends from work, have any intention of living up to their marriage vows this holiday season.

The wine flows freely at the party and Meg is soon a bit tipsy, and easy prey for any amorous advances. However it’s an advance by the tall blond muscular lesbian, Stephanie that seems to gain most of her attention.

Soon, the once straight, married woman is headed to bed with the gentle giantess who has many things to teach Meghan.


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