Candice Christian Celebrates ‘HUMP DAY’ with two new releases!


Paige is a very successful shop owner, and takes a moment to reminisce about her life style, and her experiences.

Paige has work her behind off to become successful. Along the way she learned about her lesbian inclination from an Aunt.

Her ability to leverage her lust for women, into an astounding customer service to the point she gained several benefactors and in turn got their help to set her up in her own business.

Her most compelling service was attending a formal ball with a rich, chubby female client, where anything was fair game, and all the attendees were black women. This brought about her first true exposure to BDSM. In her mind, the reward far outweighed the pain.

Another memory was of her most devoted employee, a diminutive Asian woman, and her lust for a beautiful black lesbian body builder. That interlude exposed the employee to group sex, watersports and mild domination.

All of these reflection brought back fond memories and reaction to her libido, life has been good to Paige



School Days, a time for memories – good, bad and as school teachers, Morgan and Addy soon find out, lesbian sex!

Morgan and Addy, two young school teachers, are in a constant alert teaching at Muskingum High School. The Principal and Vice Principal are misogynistic, fascist dinosaurs from another generation. Who cause more harm than good for both student and teacher morale

The students are using their time at school for sexual hookups, and other diversions. Some of the teachers have been rumored to be involved. Much to Morgan and Addy’s dismay. Just that morning they walked in on two co-ed heavily engaged in lesbian sex.

The two decide to take time after school hours to meet, and discuss the best strategy they should follow, to improve the situation without alienating the students or the school administrators.

Over dinner, drinking more wine than they should, they discuss the lesbian activity they discovered just that morning, between two students. The discussion gets around to why, and what, that soon leads to the two inebriated teachers to experiment and find out the attraction of lesbian sex. Just One Time.


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