The lesbian sessions DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL

This newest release is a return to the Wrestling Mothers Club genre. There seems to be a following I didn’t realize was there for these stories.

Liz enters a Waffle House, late in the evening for something to eat, after an earlier appointment. When she arrives she notices a young girl in her yoga classes, Nancy, and they begin a conversion that takes many unusual twists and turns.

Nancy, is so enthused with Liz’s story, she want to here more, especially when she finds out she is a Lesbian Session Wrestler.

They begin to meet at a coffee house during the day to continue the conversation which is a one way thing. Liz tells Nancy some spell binding and spine tingling tales of her sessions. So engrossed is Nancy she asks for a session.

Liz agrees, but does Nancy know what she is getting into.

A sample of The Lesbian Sessions:

I finished drying, left my hair damp, for sake of utility, it was going to get messed up anyway. And headed to the where she said the match would take place, in her workout room. I didn’t bring it up but Liz’s husband didn’t seem to be home tonight. If she wanted to explain I guess she would, I wasn’t going to ask. 

“So Nancy,” Liz began “now it’s just us girls, I think we should get into some salacious girl talk.That will get the tone set.”

“Ok, you first.” I replied “Did you have anything unusual happen in any of your sessions today?”

Liz thought for a moment and then spoke “My noon session was pretty tame. Sheila, my client’s name, and I wrestled in just panty hose. A first for me. Not really a fan because the material is rough. 

Knowing that the conversation was about to move on, I quickly intervened.

“So why don’t you tell me about you most outrageous moment in the panty hose session?” I asked.

“Well, nothing like outrageous, she pinned me once and made me submit once.” Liz laughed “But I did force one submission by holding her in a body scissors, her back to my stomach,  and squeezing her breast and pinching her nipples. I think that why I lost in the end. I really pissed her off and she fought like a woman possessed.”

“Wow, you’re wild Liz.” I said impressed. “How did she make you submit?”

“Ermmm…” She stalled for a second, then thought ahh to heck with it “Sheila got me in an, inverted belly to back, head scissors, with those rough panty hose scraping my face. I was not so painful, rather annoying. I got so wrapped up in trying to escape, she was able slide her hand down inside my panty hose and pull on my labia with wild abandon. She saved that one for the deciding fall since I would not get a chance to retaliate. I hate wrestling in pantyhose.”

There was a stunned silence, following by me asking a barrage of questions.

“Was that the most excitement of all today’s sessions?” I asked starting to feel my panties getting moist.

“No, sex wrestling with Susan was, it was some fantasy stuff but mainly just submission wrestling. We wrestle topless and wear tiny thong panties. Actually just a strip up the back and the front. Since we both shave our pubes, the strings can get embedded up into a pussy quickly.”

“Oooh! So just a regular wrestling match then? Submission style.” I asked. Really turned on now.

Liz looked a bit anxious then answered, “Well the submission had be by orgasm, by Tribbing. The loser is the one that can’t take anymore stimulation and submits. Not the total of orgasms.”

“Did you win that one? I mean, you certainly must have gotten turned on during the other sessions and I bet you would have cum the moment her clit touched yours. That is what Tribbing is right, rubbing pussies together to climax?” I looked at Liz somewhat defiantly.

I could tell Liz was tired of my questions and answered, “I did win that one by the way. I have a sore cunt so I’m in a bad mood sort of. I told her we needed to use baby oil or some other lube. But my client was walking like she had done a couple hours on a mechanical bull, she probably has an ice pack on her pussy.  So come on let’s get this match going, enough talk about me. Unless you have a story about face sitting some Milf from yoga class?” she smiled wanly. All business. Totally in character now.

You can see more at Candice Christian’s website and get even more information;


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