Daughter of Darkness – Candice Christian


Daughter of Darkness Cover

Kait has plans to meet friends, Ted and Carol, on her last night in town. Unfortunately they are called away on a family emergency and they have Shari, their daughter, stand in for them and entertain Kait.

Kait, the mature woman and the pretty teenager, Shari, hit it off at once, and it’s not long before the two are sweating up the sheets, and exploring every orifice on the other woman.

They try every thing they can to pleasure the other, from oral gratification, to scissoring or tribadism.

Kait realizes she need to keep the affair under wraps from her family and Shari’s making Shari her dark secret; of Daughter of Darkness


It was my last evening in San Francisco and I had been invited to spend it at the coffee lounge just around the corner from my hotel. I had spent many happy evenings there with the owners Ted and Carol. I had spent the last five months working at the ‘Frisco office of the company that I worked for trying to salvage something after a manager had run off with a large amount of the assets. I had recovered most of what was missing and felt that I was leaving after a job well done.

I walked down the street and could see the coffee lounge ahead of me but it looked as though it was closed. I carried on and walked up the steps that led to the entrance. I looked through the small windows in the door but could see no sign of life, so feeling disappointed I turned and started to slowly walk back to my hotel. I had only walked about twenty yards or so when I heard the sound of someone running up behind me, and then I heard someone calling “Kait, please wait.” I turned around and there stood Shari, Ted and Carol’s daughter. She told me that they had been called away at very short notice to visit Carol’s mom who had been taken to hospital after falling down some steps. This had resulted in a broken hip and wrist along with some cuts and bruises. As Carol couldn’t drive, Ted considered it his duty to take her even though it would mean closing the coffee shop for the evening, as cover couldn’t be arranged until the morning. I told Shari that I quite understood and that I would walk back to the hotel and have a quiet night but she said that she wouldn’t hear of it. She said that I was welcome to come for the promised coffee and that she would welcome a chance to have a girlie chat.

Shari was what you might describe as petite. Slim, but not skinny and being less than five feet tall she gave the impression that she was only aged about fourteen or fifteen. I knew that she was in fact eighteen as I had attended her birthday party a few weeks earlier. We walked back to the coffee shop and as I followed her up the few steps, which led to the side door, she walked through a shaft of sunlight that shone through the light summer dress she was wearing to reveal the perfect shape of her young body. I followed her through the door which she held open for me and as I walked into the large hall way she closed and locked the door behind us. Shari ushered me into the lounge and offered to take my jacket. I slipped this off and she made a remark about how much she liked my dress. It was just a white cotton summer dress with inch wide shoulder straps and a small blue bow at the front. It wasn’t a very short affair, with the hemline just above my knees. Hers was a much skimpier article. A very pale printed flowered pattern on a thin cotton material. The shoulder straps were very narrow and the hemline was about five or six inches higher than mine. There was a sofa along one wall with a small dining table and chairs beside, tucked up a corner. In the center were two recliner chairs facing each other with a small coffee table to one side and another small table beside one of the chairs on which stood a small electric fan? This was giving a very welcome light breeze on this very warm evening.

Shari told me to take a seat and she would go and make coffee. She went out of a door on the other side of the room to the one from which we had entered and I could soon hear her putting the necessary things onto a tray. She returned shortly with this tray and placed it onto the coffee table which was positioned between but to the side of the reclining chairs and sat down on the facing chair to the one I had occupied. I had slipped my shoes off and slid my feet up onto the chair so that my heels were tucked up, touching the cheeks of my bottom, resulting in the hem of my dress riding up by about four of five inches revealing a fair amount of my bare legs. Shari poured out the coffees, not needing to ask how I liked mine as she had served me hot drinks many times in the past. She placed a filled cup onto the table beside me and placed another beside her chair and then kicked off her own shoes and slid her feet into the same position as I had mine. 

We talked about my future plans and she asked if I was sad at leaving and I told her that if it wasn’t for my son back home I would be more than happy to stay. She asked how old my son was and seemed genuinely surprised when I answered that he was almost twenty. At that point she asked how old I was and I told her that I would be thirty-eight the next day. She said that she was stunned and that if asked she would have guessed that I was well under thirty years old, a comment for which I thanked her. With that she said that she would go and fetch some wine from the rack and we would have a drink to celebrate my forthcoming birthday. I said that I would very much like that but I would have to use the bathroom first. 

As I went to stand up I caught my foot on one of Shari’s shoes and lost my balance. I stretched out a hand to stop myself from falling only to catch the edge of the coffee tray sending the pot and it’s now luke-warm contents spewing onto my dress as I staggered back into the chair. Shari leapt up and picked the coffee pot from my lap and quickly placed it back onto the table before grabbing my hand and helping me out of the chair. She then led me to the door that she had gone through earlier and led me down a passageway to a stairway which we climbed. I could feel the cold coffee on my skin as it soaked its way through my dress and panties. At the top of the stairs was a door that Shari opened to reveal a bathroom and she told me to go in and take off my now sodden dress and anything else that was wet and then said that she would fetch something for me to put on. She pulled the door behind her and I did as she said and removed my dress. My panties were also soaked so I removed those as well and stood there in just my bra. There was a tap at the door and it opened slightly as Shari’s arm came into view holding a toweling gown. She asked me to hand her the stained, wet clothes and as I did so she told me to put the gown on and when I was ready to make my way back to the lounge. At this point I heard her walk back down the stairs. I put the gown on but it was quite small and although it did fit round me it finished just below my bottom. Because of its length, and both of us being slim, I guessed that the gown was one of Shari’s own. With my now bare pussy only inches away from exposure I knew that I would have to be very careful as to how I sat.

I made my way back to the lounge where Shari had just finished wiping the remains of the coffee pot contents from the floor. I remarked that the gown looked a little skimpy on me and gave a little twirl as if to demonstrate, holding the bottom of the gown down at the front so as not to expose myself, or Shari to any embarrassment. Shari said that on me it looked very sexy and alluring and much nicer than it did on her, confirming that the garment was indeed hers. I apologized for the coffee incident but she told me not to be silly, as accidents happened to everybody, and besides I shouldn’t keep my lovely legs hidden away behind long dresses and the incident had given me a chance to show them off. I felt very flattered and told her so.

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