Susan wants to make the New Haven College softball team in the worst way. Margie offers her to help her make the team.

Margie is the star first baseman on the team and Susan want to make the team and play shortstop. Margie, being a star player has a lot of influence with the coach, and gets Susan on the team but at a cost. Susan must provide Margie with oral sex and more, anytime Margie wants it.

Here is just a sample:

.”Oh shit DAAAAM!” Margie moaned, a low needy sound, barely contained in the silence of the bathroom.

The huge first basemen leaned back hard against the wall, her hands tightly on Susan’s shoulders. Then grasped, fisting tightly on the soft shoulders. Margie fought to keep her movements slow, rocking gently with her big hips against the shortstops mouth.

“That’s right, give it up for your big momma,” Margie fought to keep her voice quiet as Sue knelt before her, sucking strongly.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Sue pulled her mouth back a little, feeling those juices on her face.

Slow, inevitable strokes that shifted Margie’s thick pussy lips back and forth on Sue’s lips. The cute shortstop felt every inch of her cunt, her stiff clit, rock hard, yet so smooth and slick. Her dripping girl-juice, oozing along her tongue. The heavy weight of her ass cheeks, the dense thicket of sharp pubes. Sue smelt the overbearing smells, tasted every familiar inch. The cute blond pushed her hands upward again slightly, feeling warmth.

Margie was still dressed in her over sized black cargo pants and heavy sweatshirt. Coaxing her on from under her deep hood. There on her knees before the first basemen, she felt every part of Margie’s intimidating on field strength and power. Tensed under her hands, below warm material. Sliding firmly over her lips.

“Ease up, baby.” Margie’s voice was low, strained. “I don’t wanna cum yet.”

Sue complied, feeling the huge first baseman’s hands still locked on her shoulders. Damn, she’d barely got off the field, and into the bathrooms to take a piss. Still she’d caught her. Pulled her aside into the handicap stall. Undid her pants as she pushed her down, like she had so many times before. Sue closed her eyes again as she ran her tongue firmly around Margie’s clit again, eliciting another breathy moan. She felt Margie’s hand slip onto her neck, pulling her forward. Sue’s tongue slipped deeper again, then Sue swallowed.

“I swear you are the best damn fuckin’ pussy licker I ever felt. Take me down, bitch…”

Sue slid her hand upwards, feeling the slick smooth, vaginal muscles constrict on her fingers. How many girls had dreamed of this? How many of the cheerleaders? Sue was beyond wondering, the strange reality of being slave to the New Haven Blue Jay’s star first basemen beyond its initial appeal. A tower of solid teenage muscle, developed years beyond her age. A future big time star, a first basemen built like a outfielder, with the unbelievable speed of a sprinter. The cute blond felt Margie’s slit push at her again, wiping girl juice and sweat across her tongue. She tasted the sharp saltiness of her fluids smeared over her lips, trailing back again along her tongue. Sue sucked harder, pushing her head forth to meet that big furry cunt as her nose drunk in the depths of Margie’s thick pubic bush. She felt the mounting changes, gradual, yet there. She felt Margie’s huge muscles tighten again under her hands, hearing her breath come quicker. “Ooooh yeah, babe! Lick me, bitch! That’s right!” Margie groaned again, both hands tight around Susan’s head.

“Get ready to taste mommas cum!!” Sue heard the quick pants, her engorged, big labia throbbing. The petite shortstop found herself almost welcoming the torrential flood of thick girl-cum. Hot, streaming, thick, filling her mouth, oozing slower than water down her throat. Assaulting her taste as Margie’s heady stink filled her nose. She drunk the first basemen, taking her cunt and juices without protest. The ultimate insult and act of submission the teenager could think of. Sue pulled back, hearing Margie’s slight sigh as her tongue slipped out of her pussy. She felt that heavy weight leave her mouth, slip off her lips. Lowering her head slightly, Sue caught her breath, heavy with the smell of wet pussy, her senses still swimming with Margie’s womanhood. She saw the massive first basemen pull up her cotton panties and short, working the zipper. A big hand grabbed her shoulder, dragging her upward to her feet.

“Hey. You know the deal. Right?”

Sue glanced downward a little, avoiding Margie’s dark eyes. They stared out from under that deep, black hood. Margie’s big hand came up, pulled her head up slightly. Their gaze locked momentarily. Sue stared back, a dull, deep look. Margie blinked, Sue nodding slightly, letting out one slight word.


“Good. Just remember.”

Margie stepped towards the door, adjusting the heavy satchel over her shoulder. The broad strap cut tightly over her big back and chest, pulling her baggy sweatshirt askew slightly. Sue saw her listen closely at the door a moment before pulling the bolt back, stepping out. The blond heard loud voices approaching, just before two of her team mates came into the bathroom. Sue grabbed her hat off the top of the toilet, her sport shoes clicking against the floor as she made her way out.

“Hey, Sue.”

Sue nodded with a dopey grin to Tara, the big player patting her shoulder slightly as she passed towards the toilet stalls. The shortstop caught Margie at one of the sinks, washing her hands, letting out a sigh as she dried her hands. She glanced back, grinning slyly at Sue as she passed by Nealie, one of the pitchers.

“Hey, don’t forget to clean your hands, Sue! Bet they’re all nasty and shit.”

Neal unintentionally saved Sue, shooting back quickly. “Shit, Margie you never wash your hands, you need to.”

She shoved the big first basemen slightly, Margie swinging back slightly in retaliation, but missing. Sue headed back to the showers, keen not to say anything, least one of her friends caught her still thick breath. The lockers were pretty much thinning out by the time Sue got back. She had come in late as it was. Then being grabbed by Margie in the toilets. Made to go into the stalls with her, and go down on the huge first basemen. Sue put her hat down, dropping down onto the bench, running her hands through her thick, almost red hair. A deal was a deal. But then, maybe it wasn’t even that. Sue stood up again, dragging her red jersey off, tossing it into her open locker. Her lithe body hurt. She was eager to get into the showers, clean off the stress of the practice. Wash out her mouth while she was at it. She tasted Margie’s fluids still on her lips, wiping her mouth again. That taste seemed to fill her as completely as Margie’s big cunt had minutes before.

The blond swallowed, started untying her shoes. All she was thinking about was getting back home. Sue put her shoes down, pulling off her black singlet. Her body was still a little sweaty. A heat born of Margie’s closeness, and the act of giving the huge Amazon oral sex.

She mopped her underarms with the singlet, tossing it too. Susan’s chest and shoulders were firm with smooth, swimmer’s muscle. She was maybe a little on the big side for a shortstop, but her coach had said speed was something they could work on. Sue was all for it. Softball was her life. She wanted to make it big, and she would do anything to improve her fitness to the level she needed to.

The cute blond quickly peeled off her tights and remaining clothes, stripping her panties. She was still a little wet there, her slick cunt free, still partly sticky. She rubbed herself with her damp panties, tossing it into the locker with the rest of her stuff. Naked, she headed to the showers. Sue was all smooth, compact power. At five foot, seven inches her slightly stocky strength showed well in the smooth, almost soft curves of her body.

Everything freed from her mind and body as the hot water washed over her. Sue let out a long, heavy breath, closing her eyes, putting her face into the full force of the water. Its warm embrace caressed her muscles, easing away ache, tight pains. The warmth eased her mind, soothing her soul like the gentle caress of an intimate lover. Sue opened her mouth, taking in some of the hot water to swill around, spit. She leaned both palms against the tiled wall, letting the water catch her thick blond hair. The warmth seemed to drive more in the girls mind. It reminded her of what she wanted. She wished it was the warmth of another. She felt the water run down over her weighty breasts, into the crevice of her shaved pussy, her hand lingering low for a brief moment.

She slid her fingers inside her, her flesh tightening slightly, barely wet with her touch. Sue stroked slightly, parting her lips, rubbing. She couldn’t help think again of Margie. The blond thought of her in a slightly different frame of mind. What if it wasn’t like that? What if it didn’t have to be the way it was.

The brief fantasy passed through her mind. What if it was something more than the one sided deal that it was? Sue felt the thrill of victory. A scholarship. Her dreams coming to reality with word that she would be able to attend New Haven College, and play for the Blue Jays. Sue frowned as she remembered, pulling her finger free of her opening, putting her hands back against the wall. The water stroked gently at her strong back, Sue hanging her head somewhat.

Then working it out. Meeting with the one guy she had heard legends about. Margie Mallory. Sophomore softball player. Finding out how she had pulled strings to get her into the New Haven softball program. She couldn’t believe it. Sue had refused to believe it. No college softball player could do shit like that. Her disbelief changed to something else when Margie had put a big arm around her shoulder, talked to her in that low, dark voice she sometimes did.

“Straight up, it can be good for you here, honey. I can make it good for you,” the huge first basemen paused slightly. “But you gotta work, you know? You gotta bring the good out of your situation too.”

Sue cocked her eyebrow slightly. Margie seemed to press closer. Her presence was intimidating, all-encompassing of even the blond, not to mention the sense of overbearing power.

Margie’s voice was quiet. “So how ’bout you start off by going down on a girl?”

Sue was caught off guard, her face showing the confusion. Margie’s big arm around her, her huge body pressing against her felt more dangerous then. She felt the heat of the huge first baseman body, the sudden sweat that had broken out on her own.

Margie was, as far as Sue knew was very straight. Had a long lasting relationship with really cute guy on the basketball team here at the college. Sue didn’t know his name, but had seen him around a few times. Margie must have heard the rumors of Sue being bisexual. It wasn’t a huge secret, but just a rumor.

“Suck my pussy.” Margie repeated.

She explained, Sue silent, barely comprehending.

“It’s simple. I got you up in here. You wanna stay up in the Blue Jays? You go down on me.”

Susan’s head swum with the questions. The confusion. The disbelief. All passed in time. The shortstop ran a hand over her face, wiping at her wet features. Strong Nordic features, full lips, a pert nose. Her green eyes glanced forward at the whiteness of the tiles before her, her hand passing back through her hair.

How long had she been here? Sue couldn’t remember exactly. How many times had she gone down? That was about as hard to guess. Sue found her mind wandering back to her thoughts, her wistful fantasies about Margie. What it would be like to make love to a girl like her. Have her do she same back. Her hand was again stroking a now wet womanhood. Sue lost herself to the warmth, the gentle embrace of her hand. Her shoulders rose and fell against the striking rain of water. The water fell down over her back, her chest. Eventually streaming down over her moving hand, and thighs. With one hand steadied against the wall, Sue ran her hand upward, through her slick slit. She closed her eyes on her fantasies, feeling the warm pleasure of the water and her erotic masturbation showering over her.

“Hey, Sue!”

The blond froze, torn from her pleasures with a sharp jolt. She recognized Tara’s voice, not turning around, but doing her best to move her hand slowly from her throbbing groin. Sue managed to glance back over her shoulder, giving her teammate a brief wave, running her hands through her hair.

“You going to that party tomorrow night?”

Tara sounded like she was going through her locker, Sue doing her best not to think about her wet pussy.

“Uh, where is it?”

“Over at Shawn’s place.”

Sue nodded a little, turning the hot tap down. Tara called out again.

“Hey, you know most the teams gonna be there.”

Sue let the cold water run a little longer before shutting it off, and turning to get her towel with still a trail of juice running down her thigh. She looked nonchalant, mopping herself down, seeing Tara still at her locker, just up from her own. The outfielder was dumping some clothes into a bag. She saw the big girls eyes drop slightly, flutter away from Susan’s naked form.

Sue noticed Tara was barely out of her Blue Jays jersey, and she was already in her Pete Rose one, like always.

“Yeah, I’ll probably make it.” “I’ll pass by your place around eight if you want,” Tara glanced back at the blond, keeping her eyes on Susan’s. “Pick you up.”

“Yeah. That’d be cool.”

Sue wrapped her towel around her waist, ignoring the Tara’s stare. She knew Tara was used to seeing naked guys around the showers. She preferred the outfielder didn’t see or smell her pulsing pussy, after having caught her rubbing one off in the showers. Sue knew Tara well enough anyway. She was a good gal, friendly and sensitive. Sue had always wondered why Tara hadn’t hooked up with someone already.

She definitely wasn’t lacking in looks or size. Soft features, maybe a little on the tall side, nice boobs, ending in a tiny waist and full butt.

. “Cool then,” Tara patted her hand on Susan’s strong shoulder. “Ill catch you then, alright?”

Sue nodded back, opening up her locker. She didn’t need the towel, or to wait for Tara to leave anymore. Her pussy had since calmed down. Tara was already heading out as she tugged her towel back off her hips, began to mop herself down. Man, she couldn’t wait to get home.


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