Reflections of a ‘Lost Woman’ – New Candice Christian release!

Reeling from a broken engagement, Markie finds love with georgous Olivia, a women from her Yoga class!


Sample of Reflections of a ‘Lost Woman’

Markie crossed the rec room at the club, carelessly dropping her towel and locker key onto a mat along the wall. Several ladies were already warming up for the noon yoga session. She laced up her sneakers, pausing to frown at her reflection in the wall-length mirror in the front of the room. Ric was a fool, she decided. Well, he’d soon see that running off with a woman who was almost young enough to be his daughter would be no picnic. Her finger felt naked without the engagement ring that she had worn for the last six months. She rubbed it absently. She was a lost woman for sure.  Then she noticed the new lady who had recently joined their yoga class. Olivia Something… Today she was a study in blue: light blue workout shoes, darker yoga pant, and even darker Lycra sports bra, a contrast to her long red hair, which was tightly pinned up.

Markie felt an odd flutter in her stomach. Olivia was sexy, she realized. Embarrassed by the thought, she took her usual place at the back of the room, trying not to watch as Olivia stretched out. But, oh! Unlike most of the badly out-of-shape 30-somethings in the room, Olivia had very little fat on her lithe body. Markie found herself wondering what those nipples would feel like against her tongue. She hadn’t been with another woman in years, but now the thought excited her. She felt her crotch becoming damp.

As the class got underway, Markie tried to push the erotic thoughts aside, but every time she did, Olivia’s movements caught her attention. She noticed the redhead’s nipples getting hard as they rubbed against the sports bra, and Markie noticed that her own nipples were hard as well. From her vantage point in the back of the room, Markie could see all of Olivia, and the view of her round breasts in the mirror as she bent over. Then she noticed the growing wet spot between Olivia’s legs — sweat, she decided, but the thought of licking and kissing that hot pussy was arousing, and the pelvic exercises that they were doing were adding to her desire. If she didn’t get some relief soon, she was going to jump out of her skin.

Fortunately, floor work was next, and Markie positioned her mat so that the corner caught her throbbing clit. The stimulation wasn’t as direct as her fingers, but it would do. As they lay on their stomachs, Markie had an excellent view of Olivia’s crotch. She could even see Olivia’s swollen labia clearly outlined through the thin material. Was Olivia turned on as well? The thought nearly sent her over the edge. As she worked the edge of the mat against her clit, she imagined doing sixty-nine, how Olivia’s pussy would smell, how her juices would taste, what the woman’s tongue would feel like lapping against her clit…breathing hard now, lost in the throbbing of her impending climax, she saw that Olivia seemed to be pinching her own nipples. Then her orgasm overwhelmed her, and she came, a hot wave washing through her body, followed by hard contractions pulling inward. Release…

As she became aware of her surroundings again, she noticed how wet Olivia’s crotch appeared. Had she…? No time to wonder. The class was ending. She took her time rising from the floor. Olivia seemed in no hurry, either. As she passed the redhead, Olivia flashed her a sexy smile.

“See you tomorrow, Markie,” she said in a low, sultry voice.

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