Brittany is a thirty year old married woman with an eye for teenage girls. Her eye catches Kelsey at a wedding reception they both are attending. When she makes the first move on the teen, Kelsey is quite receptive. That was all the encouragement Brittany needed and they soon left together.


Brittany is a thirty-year-old closeted lesbian, attending a wedding reception of a close friend. Seated at the same table with an unbelievably cute teen, Kelsey, the two realize they have a lot in common and their conversation continues for most of the function.

During their conversation, Brittany tries very hard to drop subtle hints to the teen that she finds her attractive and would like to get to know her better. The lines blur, as they continue to talk, as to who is trying to seduce whom. It soon becomes obvious both women are playing an erotic game of cat and mouse. As confirmation of that fact, Kelsey jokingly asks Brittany to take her someplace where they can make out.

Quickly arranging things so the two don’t appear to be leaving together, they meet up in a remote parking lot and then drive in Brittany’s car to the closest motel. Once inside all pretenses are gone and the two lovers get to the business at hand.

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