An energetic tomboy Alex resisted every attempt to conform to the feminine stereotype her parents forced upon her. When they finally gave up, her new freedom created more questions the eighteen year old wasn’t prepared to answer.


She always played with boys. Alexandra was a tomboy through and through. She excelled in sports playing on boy’s teams until she went off to college where she was forced to play on the women’s soccer team. It was at an after-practice get-together at a local watering hole that Alex met the curvaceous Samantha.

Unaccustomed to partying with girls led her to her first experience with a lesbian romance. Samantha and Alex staggered home with Samantha being just as drunk as Alex and before anything really happened they crashed on Alex’s bed. When they awoke, the curvaceous Samantha, wasted little time in seducing Alex and ruining Alex’s first lesbian romance.

Alex, confused with the way she reacted to Samantha’s overtures, decides to Jocelyn an older girl experienced in such matters. It took Jocelyn an afternoon to get Alex straightened out and prepared for her new lifestyle. The new lifestyle did come with a few bumps in the road along the way until one of her coaches Ms. Whitney, takes her under her wing and guides her back on course.  

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