Brittany has just come home from one of the worst days of her life. She gets into a scuffle with her roommate and goes out to her favorite drinking spot and meets a woman that leaves a lasting impression on her forever.


Brittany comes home, feeling like she just went ten rounds with Rhonda Rousey. Her workday was a disaster, from angry customers, unsympathetic bosses and then a combative roommate. She blames it on the full moon. It was so bad she had to leave the house and drown her sorrows the Puss ‘n Boots her favorite bar. The bar caters to a lesbian crowd so there are a lot of regulars whose shoulders Brittany can cry on.

At the bar, the crowd is light and the perfect setting for Brittany to decompress and forget her troubles. Things begin to look up when the new face of a tall exotic women, Alex, walks into the bar and catches Brittany’s eye. The two women share their stories and a bond begins to develop. Alex asks Brittany if she would like to go to her place. Brittany accepts the invitation and soon they are driving up to Alexandra’s unique residence. The uniqueness of the surrounding have no effect on their sexual attraction and things begin to smolder then reach a climax.

Brittany leaves her erotically surreal experience with Alex, still a bit wobbly from the shock to her system and starts to drive home.  She realizes the cool clear night has been replaced with a cold and dark driving rain. Maybe Brittany’s luck is about to change. She continues to struggle her way home when she spies a drop dead gorgeous girl walking along the road in the horrific weather. She stops and offers the girl a ride figuring the worst day of her life is over. Oh is she in for a surprise.   

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