Debbie was a naïve girl, struggling with adulthood, and her sexuality when an older woman introduces her to a unique lifestyle: The Mature Woman.


Debbie seemed to be always turned on, she couldn’t tell if it was by all the boys at her college or if it was the sexy young girls she saw every day. Wrestling with that puzzle she came to an epiphany late at night thinking about her beautiful thirty-something neighbor, Ms. Katz. Debbi would ask her about her quandary.

The young girl mustered the courage to ask her neighbor if they could talk and the conversation quickly moved to a more intimate nature. Unknown to Debbie, Ms. Katz had always had an eye for her pretty neighbor, so broaching the subject arrived quickly. A great listener, Ms. Katz provided Debbie with information about an organization that assisted young girls with the exact problem Debbie was experiencing.

She goes to the website for the organization, ‘The Mature Woman’, and gets an eyeful. Parts of the website confirm some of Debbie’s suspicions others leave her with more questions than before. Though the website didn’t resolve the problems Debbie had, it convinced her more than ever that the answers to her predicament lie in the hands of Ms. Katz and she knew she would need to spend some quality time with her.   

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