Brad and Elena Hawk decide to house a college exchange student from Wales little knowing what a handful the nineteen-year-old would be. The discipline fell into Elena’s hands and it wasn’t long before the young hellcat has a rude awakening.


Brad Hawk is a bank president and a widower. After living alone for a few years he is lured into marriage by Elena a professor at the local college. Elena’s reasons for marrying were hardly for love. It was the path she chose to dispel the rumors of her homosexuality and accelerate her move up a rung at the college.

Once the marriage of convenience is completed, Elena convinces Brad to accept an exchange student from Wales to spend a year with them. Brad agrees and leaves Elena to deal with the girl if issues should arise. And issues do arise. Unknown to the Hawk’s their exchange student named Brenda is a known hellion back in her home country. Her parents were unable to control her and were eager to enroll her in the exchange program.

Once she is situated with Elena their relationship evolves from confrontational to pure D/s and Brenda is the queen of submissives. Something that lesbian Elena pounces all over her like a cat in a fish market. The two women then begin to include others and try even more debauched activities. Will Brenda’s parents recognize her when she returns to Wales?

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