Wanting What She Wants

Lacey is a single girl away from home for her first job and in desperate need of some lesbian companionship.


A recent college graduate, Lacey has moved to a new city and is finding it difficult to hook up females of similar interests. Lacey has been lesbian since her early teens, and she has an obsession with being ravished by bigger domineering women and submitting to their every whim. That is what she wants. Then she will be happy.

A year without any type of sexual outlet save for her hand she is miraculously saved from her long dry spell when a home office transfer by the name of Jessie moves to her office. Jessie is all Lacey desires in a woman, in a lover. Tall, athletic, and slightly older. But does she possess everything Lacey is looking for? During their first time together it is obvious that Jessie is quite dominant and quite gay.

Unfortunately, Jessie has lots of surprises for her young admirer and the older blonde woman exposes her to all forms of rough sex, domination, and humiliation. And as a side benefit, Jessie has a group of like-minded friends she can’t wait to introduce Lacey to. Exhausting sex has been Lacey’s desire for a long time. But she never counted on Jessie to be the sexual juggernaut that she and her friends are. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing, is it something Lacey is forced to decide?

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