Honeysuckle Delight

Serena, taking time after an out-of-town consulting job was completed explores some to the shops in the quaint little village near her hotel. One particular shop would provide her with the most erotic experience.


A young IT consultant Serena had a week to kill after completing her project early. Using the time to explore some of the local sites she begins to explore a quaint little village near her hotel. One street she came to was filled with all sorts of artsy-crafty shops with many interesting items for sale. That is except for one shop Honeysuckle Delight. From the outside, it was impossible to determine what the shops actual business was.

Serena tried the door and found it locked. She looked around and saw all the other shops were open for business fortunately just as she was about to leave, a buzzer sounded, and the door was unlocked. Entering the shop, she discovered a very well stocked and well-appointed adult toy shop filled with every manner of latex and rubber paraphernalia for consenting adults.

She decided to give it a try once she saw a particular item caught her eye. A clerk offered to show her their offering and in mid-sale, the owner entered the store, a female of Rubenesque proportions, took over the sale and even offered Serena to use a special room to give some of the toys a test drive. Little knowing the owner was looking to test drive, Serena.

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