Big city news reporter Jayda King returns to her hometown for the first time in nearly five years on a work assignment and learns that a lot has been happening in her small hometown since she was last there.


Jayda King has lucked into an assignment with her newspaper that returns her to the small town she grew up in and attends her 10 Year class reunion.  Not having been there in nearly five years she quickly learns that a lot has happened since she moved away to become a big city newspaper reporter. The biggest shock is that most of the people who barely acknowledged her in school are anxious to find out all about her life in Chicago.

The reunion is a shock to her senses, a lot of people have changed,  either for the good or for the bad. The typical gossip of who is cheating with whom didn’t surprise her, but when she overhears a few of her old classmates discussing a former girlfriend of hers, Morgan, she is stunned to hear she had got caught sleeping with another woman by her husband.  Ever the newsperson, Jayda approaches her old girlfriend and tries to find out what all the fuss is about. Such gossip in Chicago would hardly raise an eyebrow.

Jayda and Morgan wander off together to a quiet place to talk and Morgan is quite eager to bring Jayda up to speed, and the issue of lesbianism becomes the focus of the conversation they have. Morgan is irate after she reveals to Jayda her long-standing crush on her friend and Jayda begins to laugh. About ready to storm away, Jayda prevents Morgan from leaving and explains she isn’t laughing at her, rather she is laughing because all during high school Jayda had a crush on Morgan. Knowing all they need to know the two women leave the reunion and head to Jayda’s motel to really catch up.

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