The story of Jenny who at an early age learns she is different than other girls. In a way she felt she was gifted by the difference.


Jenny reminisces about her life. She thinks about her late teens, and college days. It was at that time that she was coming to grips with her above-average height and her extraordinary sexual gift. A gift so compelling it made her a shoo into the first sorority she pledged.

Her college life was a cakewalk, she was a star basketball player at a Big Ten school and she was the most popular girl among the LGBTQ community thanks to her gift. The gift itself was her clitoris and its size. It could have been due to her physical size of over 6 feet that caused the anomaly, she didn’t think about it much while she was younger.

Now, some twenty years later she is still with her college girlfriend and their life was all things considered, pretty conventional for this day and age. Not boring but predicable, so when her lover Lydia suggested reaching out to a friend of a friend the two mature women brought two young girls of 18 and 19 into their lives, to spice up their romance and their relationship.

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