Rene is an IT consultant with one of the big four agencies. She is currently assigned to a West Coast company for a thirty-day project. During a weekend hiatus, she decides to check out the beaches of LA and perchance hook up with a cute California Girl for some lascivious pleasure. Enter Nikki!


IT consultant, Rene elects to forego her usual commute from Boston to LA for a weekend. Giving her a chance to explore some of the hot sights of California, blue water, sandy beaches and hot tanned girls in tiny bikinis.

She researched the internet for the best location for lesbian hookups along the beach and makes the thirty-minute trip from her hotel in search of libidinous recreation. Arriving at the recommended bar she orders and then heads for the lady’s room. What she finds is like a gift from heaven. A partially nude girl in a wet suit gave herself a sponge bath at the sink.

The two of them exchange knowing glances and Rene finds an empty stall and waits for the surfer girl to come to her. The girl is quite young, 18 or 19 but quite experienced, and the carnal activity begins without much in the way of preliminaries. The two begin to head their own way from the restroom when the young girl asks if Rene could give her a ride home instead of waiting for the bus. Rene agrees and thus began an erotic experience neither would forget.

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