Eight Stories of Ladies in Love with Ladies.

A collection of stories about small-town girls, popular cheerleaders, girls raised in abusive homes, struggling lesbian writers coping with pressure, or a couple of married women who take a walk on the wild side together, even women planning a romantic weekend together and memories of an aging erotic cat fighter.


1 Clawing to the Top – A Mothers Wrestling Club Tale

Memories of an Eighties cat fighter, Sammy Jo, who is fighting the onslaught of Alzheimer’s, to record her biography.

2 Dark Passage

Leisha has plans to spend a romantic weekend with her lover. The love between the two women is strong and each feels they are the complement the other

3 It Feels Right

Two married friends, Lita and Shellie following a night of partying, take a walk on the wild side together just as a lark, but it becomes more than that

4 Lunch Break

Abby is at her wit’s end trying to cope with the pressures of her job. Her lover Jennifer offers her a few unexpected suggestions

5 Frustrated Love

The story of Mari, a struggling writer on the brink of a huge break in her career, wishes her love life would improve the same way.

6 I Know What You’re Thinking

Two college girls, Tami and Zoe, raised in abusive homes, gravitate toward each other for support and companionship. In the process, they each share their secrets.

7 Hunger for Hannah

Small town girl, Sydney, hides her long-time lesbian leanings until she goes away to college.

8 The Lover’s Tasks

Super sexy and popular cheerleader type Cody gets a lesson in humility and compassion from an unlikely source

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