Stephanie takes a job she really likes working on a team with three other girls. Things are working out for her until she learns that one of the team members, Erin, is a homophobe. Stephanie tries to keep the knowledge of her homosexuality from Erin so as not to disrupt the team.


Stephanie works on a team with three other girls. She loves the job, and the rest of the team quickly accepts her into the tight group of Ashley, Nicole, and Erin. Her job is going well and she now counts her teammates’ friends and socializes with their families and friends, and the team is running smoothly. Then it’s revealed that one of her co-workers, Erin,  is severely intolerant of homosexuals, specifically lesbians. And Stephanie and the other two co-workers try their best to keep Stephanie’s homosexuality from the bigoted Erin.

The secret becomes more difficult to conceal because it means that Stephanie must keep her partner, Jenn away from any of the functions the four teammates have including their friends and family. Jenn is crushed and Stephanie feels overwhelmed by the situation.

Things begin to reach a tipping point, and Stephanie decides to just tell Erin about her inclinations and let the chips fall where they may. When the opportune moment arrives, and Stephanie is about to clear the air, she learns something so shocking that her entire situation has to be reevaluated. And she may not even tell Erin her secret.  

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