Nicole Champion left England to do missionary work in the Middle East for the Church of England, but things don’t go as planned and she goes missing for over three years until her father’s death.


Nicole a daughter of a wealthy family, volunteers to do missionary work for the Church of England. She leaves for Egypt and that is the last her family hears from her in over three years. All they know is that she arrived in Egypt and she was moving to Syria then all communications stopped. And Nicole was soon forgotten.
Her father’s death revives the interest in her whereabouts when the family and lawyers are reading the father’s will. Unable to complete the disposition of the will the attorneys hire a private detective to find Nicole and start from where she was last heard from. The attorney, Missy Bradley, learns the lost beneficiary was rumored to have been kidnapped by renegade military group and sold into slavery.
The rich missionary was raised sheltered from the real world, immersed in the moralistic environment of the Victorian Era. So during her time in servitude she is exposed to such debauchery, and wretched treatment her eyes are opened finally to the life in the rest of the world. Missy finally finds and name and a good lead as to where Nicole might be. She makes arrangements to meet with the people that have Nicole so she can return her to her family. But the attorney is shocked by what transpires when she and Nicole finally meet.

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