THERE NEVER WAS A WOMAN A New Release From Sherry Stone

 The Dystopian future is ruled by the evil Empress Mercy and in retaliation for her severe oppression rebels time travel to the past to kill Mercy’s Grandmother.


The year 2100 and the world has fallen into the hands of the evil Empress Mercy, who creates the most intolerable Dystopian world imaginable. Life is cheap, death is quick and a band of scientists and rebels decide to do something about it.

The leaders of the rebellion pick two women to travel back in time and eliminate the Empress by assassinating her Grandmother. Kait and Patti are charged with the assignment, Kait because of her experience and maturity, and Patti for a special reason only the rebel leaders are aware of.

When the two travelers arrive in the past they have to wait for the precise date and time to carry out their plan. While they wait, the two women stay to themselves and in the freedom of the past, they develop a relationship, a very sexual relationship.

Kait, a lesbian by choice is shocked by her straight partner’s romantic overtures but does little to dissuade her from her seduction. The two get so comfortable in their relationship that Kait is afraid Patti will back out at the last minute. But Kait couldn’t be more wrong as Patti makes a surprising sacrifice in the end.

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