Pandora is a member of a vigilante group that watches over a small town along the Ohio River.


Pandora, Faith, and Hope are members of the Observers, a vigilante group that watches over the small town of Covington. On one particularly evil night, Pandora stood alone against a deadly band of female kidnappers, who mistakenly snagged the wrong victim. Alone, Pandora was pressed to stop them before they realized their mistake and kill their victim.

When Pandora catches up with the vicious women, she is shocked to see the young eighteen-year-old abductee seemed a willing victim, and eagerly accepted the advances of one of her captors. Once the girl begins to reciprocate the sexual advances Pandora is hard-pressed to see who is molesting who.

Seeing all she needed to see; Pandora moved into action and crashes in on the band of kidnappers and attempted to rescue the teenage captive. Her efforts are short-lived as she finds herself staring down the barrel of a pump-action shotgun. When the situation was the darkest, death certainly the next step, the shattering of glass from the skylight freezes everyone in their tracks.

Pandora suspects it’s the other members of the Observers who come to save her. The kidnappers fear it’s the police SWAT team, but the source of the crash is neither of those.  The game has changed with the new arrival, and it appears neither side is safe.

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