White girl Angie Rose and black girl Felicia Simms are two young women that share a common background. Both spent time as subs to full-figured black women.


Angie Rose grew up in a small Midwestern backwater town with no future. She promptly left that town as soon as she graduated from high school and took a job in Cincinnati Ohio. Conversely Felicia Rose grew up in California and left after high school for college. She took a scholarship at the University of Cincinnati.

In her new job, Angie was taken under the wing of her supervisor, Ms. Andrews a large full figured black woman with a heart of gold and a penchant for sexual domination. Under her guidance, Angie learned all the finer points of submission and domination. Ms. Andrews was relentless in her instructions and her work paid off handsomely as Angie was a quick learner.

  As a new student far from home Felicia was easy prey for her academic advisor, Veronica Marsh. Veronica quickly had Felica on her knees and worshipping at the older woman’s altar of depravity. The passionate lessons usually left both women hot and sweaty and eager to try everything depraved activity they could dream up. At times it was difficult to tell who was in charge.

The two young girls were quick learners and possessed a strong desire to impress and please their mistress. So when the two girls from different walks of life meet, there is a sexual tension that is electric and both Angie and Felicia realize the need for it to be released..

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