Hillary Bray and Michaela Nichols are fierce competitors in the escort business. Michaela finds a weakness in Kegel Corporation that Hillary owns and hatches a devious plan to take over her business.


In the future escort services are legal and respectable, which has made it a fiercely competitive industry. Michaela Nichols had a shrewd eye for business and spent a good deal of time buying up the small services until New York really only had two major escort businesses, one run by Michaela and one run by Hillary Bray, Kegel Corporation.

Both women were ruthless in business, a testament to the fact they were the only two left standing, but Michaela discovered a slight chink in the Kegel business, it seemed Hillary’s company was in some financial distress. Michaela decided to strike first and laid the foundations of a swift take over. She leveraged her contacts and start rumors of unsafe practices used by Kegel, blackmailing clients, and even horrible treatment of the employees.

Next Michaela set her sights on the top producing girls in Hillary’s stable and initiated a  scheme to lure them away from Kegel. She knew the plan would not be discovered quickly enough to stop her as Hillary was tied up breaking in a new submissive for her personal use. She would be distracted with that and by the time she realized what had happened she would be forced to sell to Michaela. A perfect plan or so Michaela thought.

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