Vicki and Darlene are worlds apart yet find themselves on a collision course that will change their lives forever.


Susan is in a relationship with Vicki. They are both beautiful people and live the jet set lifestyle of the wealthy. And they have an adopted daughter Megan. Vicki loves Susan unconditionally; Susan is trying to find herself and believes she needs some time off from Vicki to live with an older man and woman in a D/s relationship out in the wilderness.

Darlene is a waitress at a roadside diner, is good at her job and all her customers love her. Two days before Christmas, Susan, and Vicki pick Darlene’s diner to work out their relationship issues. Vicki ever the optimist thinks Susan is going through a phase, Susan is committed to sever the relationship and put Vicki and her daughter behind her.

Darlene can’t help but notice the friction between Susan and Vicki as she waits their table. In Darlene’s mind Susan and Vicki look to be the perfect couple and can’t for the life of her figure what could be their problem. She never gets to find out as the perfect couple agree to split and Darlene and Vicki watch gorgeous Susan grab her coat and leave Vicki’s life forever.

Darlene in a marriage with many ups and downs, two kids and a husband that treats her like a sister has had her fantasy shattered. Perfect people don’t split up. Only people trying to scratch out a living leave when the stress get too great. Before she leaves work, Darlene has had an Epiphany that will rock her world.

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