Twenty-something Claudia is asked to join a select group of women to participate in an advanced workout regimen at a high-end athletic club


Claudia and her husband have been happily married for over four years. He is a very successful financial analyst at a cyber currency company and the two are quite well off for their age. In addition to their upper income, both Claudia and her husband are a very attractive couple. She turns heads of both men and women.

Claudia’s therapist job has gotten a bit stressful recently and she joins a well know athletic club to work out in their gym. Soon after she joins, she is approached by one to the owners and asked to join a special program for advance physical training available only by invitation. Claudia is flattered by the offer and accepts. But can’t seem to get much information on the type of routine she will be involved in.

The night of her first lesson, Claudia happens upon the club owner that invited her to join, and an eighteen-year-old student embroiled in an intense lesbian lovemaking session. Claudia is shocked and yet aroused by the action. She tells her husband about it and her outrage but he is no help as it is obvious her story was quite a turn-on for him.

She realizes she must make a decision about the gym. She really enjoys the special lessons and doesn’t want to give them up but the blatant lesbianism of the owner is causing her to question her feelings. Will she stay and ignore it or will she make a fuss and leave?

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