Eight Sapphic Halloween Tales

Tales of Ghouls, Ghosts, Goblins, Gay Girls, G-Strings & G-Spots


Included in this selection of Halloween stories:

The Ghosts of Halloween Past:

A woman, Grace Goode, reflects on her past Halloweens and how they still haunt her today.

Gothic Nightmare:

Maxine or Max has her eyes on a Goth chick from a club she stumbled across. The Goth seems friendly but keeps Max at an arm’s length.

The G-Stringed Goblin:

Straight girl Blake and her sexy gay friend Whitney have a difficult time making it to their Halloween party once each sees the other’s shockingly sexy costumes.

The Troubling Replication of Samhain:

A young witch Margot, decides it might be fun to spend Halloween in an old, deserted mansion.

The Hunted:

Iris and Stella are hated enemies. The problem with that is they have the hots for each other but won’t admit to it.

Witch’s Reprisal:

A scary campfire story about a haunted mansion leads two skeptical college girls to verify the validity of the tale.

That Teasing Witch:

Kaitlyn visits her friend married Miranda in New Orleans. While there, both visit a fortune teller who tells Kaitlyn she is a witch.

Eye of Newt, Tree of Frog and Wool of Bat:

An aspiring witch’s apprentice unknowingly meets the leader of the biggest coven in the country.

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