Amanda is offered a part-time job at a local health club owned by Hannah, and hiring Amanda was just the beginning of the owner’s plans for the cute mother of three.


Hannah offers Amanda a part-time job and wastes no time with her plans for Amanda, she buys her a newer sexier ward robe for work,  takes her under wing and befriends her gaining her confidence. When one of the male employees at the health club makes inappropriate advance toward Amanda swiftly reprimands the offender. The sealing her confidence in Hannah’s friend ship.

Hannah, as a gift to Amanda asks her to attend a conference with her for the weekend. Feeling honored to be asked Amanda quickly agrees. The two of them share a lavish three bedroom suite and get to know one another even better. During this friendly revelation, Hannah shows that she is lesbian with very loose morals as she seems to draw the female guests to her like flies to manure.

Amanda becomes disillusioned in Hannah while watching her flirt with every woman at the resort and goes back to their suite. Hannah by this time had focused all her attentions on the sexy woman hitting on her.

When Amanda gets back to the suite, she is attacked, and rendered unconscious. When she awakes she learns the final piece of Hannah’s plan, which is a horrific nightmare where Amanda and her family are subjected to Hannah’s unforgiveable actions. Once fully in Hannah’s grasps, her nightmare appears to be never-ending.

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