Tina Reed new to her small town and Brigitte Evans both go to the same small college in that small town. Eager to make new friends an astute Brigitte asks Tina to join a private club she and some of the other coeds belong to.


A small town college, Muskingum, is the home to a very exclusive lesbian club. To belong to the club is quite an honor. Tina Reed is new to the town and the college and is slow to make friends, so when Brigitte Evans asks her to join the club she is ecstatic.

Tina is told to meet Brigitte at her home after dinner. When she gets there Brigitte meets her outside the house and blindfolds her and moves her quickly into a waiting van, where she is molested by her friend Brigitte and an unknown other party.

The ride to the club, and her initiation takes a short time, when she gets there she learns she is the star attraction for the evening. She is attended to by a make up artist and her own personal aid. It’s from them that she learns the initiation is unlike any she has ever experienced or even heard of. Everyone is nude she discovers once her blindfold I removed.

Once the initiation begins, Tina is introduced to Naomie, a large woman, with large everything and it’s with that introduction Tina is shoved into the middle of the large room and Naomie proceeds to put the young teen through her paces, leaving her wet, soggy and breathless. For all her effort she wonders if she passed the test for the initiation.

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