Kendall, a twenty something nurse, rent an apartment from Samantha and her husband. The two woman become friends and soon Samantha invites the young girl to a cook out to meet Sam’s husband’s brother. Kendall lays the bombshell at Samantha’s feet and tells her no, she doesn’t date men, and that she is a lesbian.


Married Samantha rents an apartment to young nurse Kendall. Samantha learns of Kendall’s lesbian lifestyle, and slowly the idea of the young girls lifestyle has Samantha obsessing over Kendall even to the point of watching her with her various partners which causes Sam to question her own sexuality.

Several month pass and Kendall continues to parade her girlfriends through the apartment, under the lustful eye of Samantha. When things seem to be getting most intense, Sam volunteers to accompany Kendall to a dance the young nurse has been anticipating for quite some time. Sam’s offer is a bit disconcerting at first but left with no other choice Kendall agrees to let her come with her.

Samantha surprises Kendall when she first sees her adorned in her fancy dress and the young girl wonders if there is more to Samantha than meets the eye. At the dance Sam sees many of the lusty playmates that Kendall has been entertaining over the past several months and thinks she is nothing more than a 5th wheel in Kendall’s eyes. But the evening in not over and before it is both the young nurse and the mature housewife will have an earth shattering experience.


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