Jack and Beth get engaged while stationed at the same naval base. When Jack gets his transfer orders, he asks his good friend Vincent to watch out for Beth in his absence.


Elizabeth Jansen and her fiancé are station at the same naval base, but Jack unfortunately gets his transfer orders leaving his girl Beth behind. The day his ships out he introduces Beth to his best friend, Vincent and asks Vincent to keep watch over her in his absence. Beth is flattered but hardly thinks it necessary.

Soon after Jack ships out, Kesha, a suspected lesbian puts a full court press on trying to get Beth to sleep with her. Beth is flattered but not gay so she brushes the advances off. With Jack being gone and Beth’s love life all but nonexistant, Kesha catches Beth in a weak moment. The black lesbian tenderly seduces Jack’s fiancée.

Beth, realizing she is none the worse for the wear, figures that now that Kesha has had her way, the thrill will be gone and she will leave Beth alone. Beth figured wrong, and Kesha, now a changed woman, barges in to Beth’s room the next night and forces herself on Beth and begins to introduce her the roughest kind of lesbian sex imaginable.

Beth tries to tell another female, Maggie, in her barracks of her problem but  she tells Beth not to worry it will all work out. The the rough sex continues and there seems to be no limit to the cruelty Kesha is capable of. Several of her sexual advances has left Beth bruised, battered, and unconscious. When Beth wakes from her latest assault, she finds that her friend Maggie, and another female seaman have been watching and photographing Kesha and Beth as blackmail.

A frantic Beth is at her wits end, and seemingly no where to go without getting kicked out of the Navy remembers Jack’s friend. Can he even help?

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