A Viper’s Tongue

Sydney is asked to attend an underground ‘catfight’ by her friend Crystal. Sydney is reluctant to accept as she believes catfights are too much about lesbian’s than actual fighting.  


Crystal asks her straight girlfriend Sydney to attend an underground catfight competition, Sydney is reluctant to go but Crystal persuades her into accepting when she tells her of the star attraction on the contests is a girl called the Viper. Crystal tells her seeing Viper in action is worth the price of admission

Totally unaware of what to expect, Sydney goes with an open mind and decides to try and enjoy the time with her friend. The first two contests are entertaining and Sydney is surprised she is not turned off by the exhibition. And the star attraction hasn’t even performed yet.

When Viper finally enters the ring, what Sydney discovers is that the wrestler Viper is not give that name without reason. Prior to the match she displays her prized weapon as she parades around the ring. It’s an extremely long slit tongue that she can lick her eyebrows with. She also learns that Viper uses her tongue to her advantage to terrorize her hapless opponents.

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