A brash American teenager, Jeri Halston, takes the summer to backpack through Europe starting in Britain where she encounters a medieval priory and decides to tour the facility. Her irreverent attitude from the onset brings the wrath of the Priory down on her, an experience she won’t soon forget.


Wandering into a medieval English priory, Jeri Halston and her brash and abrasive attitude get her in bad with the residents. She is removed from the guided tour they have provided her and brought before an irate sacristan, who makes it her mission to rid the cocky teen of her attitude and maybe teach her some humility.

The sacristan, the caretaker of the priory, uses this opportunity to provide a lesson and to relieve herself of some pent up sexual tension due to the long, lonely nights in the deathly silent structure.

The sacristan, give the teen a thorough going over, from stem to stern and soon had both woman and the teen on fire with sexual need. The teen is as the older woman’s mercy and it is obvious the sacristan plans to take care of her own needs first, which she does with a hot passion the likes of which the young girl has never experienced.

When the sacristan has sated her lust, the brash teen believes that is the end of the woman’s lesson. But Jeri is wrong, so wrong because the sacristan next brings other members of the priory in to partake of the fruits of her latest prey. An offer the others can hardly resist, and proceed with alacrity and leave the poor girl breathless and wanting more.

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