Hot Spots & Damp Spots, Soft & Hard Spots!

Jane Fawkes is Shelly Morris how to be a witch, and in doing so both become attracted to each other. But their happiness is cut short when Jane unexpectedly dies from an experiment gone wrong. This leaves Shelly confused and vulnerable


Chemistry teacher and practicing witch, Jane Fawkes is approached by one of her students, Shelly Morris asking to be an apprentice witch and learn witchcraft from the older woman. Afraid to refuse since she doesn’t want her secret exposed Jane agrees to take the teen under her wing.

Working mostly nights on the witchcraft, the two develop a bond that leads to something more intimate. One night after an unsuccessful attempt to ‘divine water’ the young apprentice is frustrated and discouraged. Jane notices and decides to take her home and console her leading to some pretty steamy homework.

The two have found soul mates in each other and life is perfect for them. But the perfection is short lived when Jane is accidentally killed while mixing a potion, leaving her apprentice stunned and rudderless.

More discouraging is that Jane has left Shelly still untrained in the aspects of being a Water Witch. The only spell that Shelly never mastered. In the months after Jane’s passing Shelly still can’t perform the spell.

After a year without Jane, Shelly has still not learned the water spell, and her grief over Jane’s passing has deflected her attention from any type of romantic involvements or even a passionate affairs. But that is about to change when on her first week of college, in the person of Kait Williams. Kait tells Shelly she knows she is a witch and wants her to teach her the craft. Shelly can’t help but see the irony of the situation, considering the initial encounter she had with Jane.

Torn by the decision she knows she has to make Shelly decides to leverage her witchcraft and divert a crisis with Kait. Seduction, or even a love potion. But will she be able to find a permanent solution?

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