With Lust in Their Eyes

With Lust in Their Eyes is a collection six hardnosed women in a man’s world. The cast includes Christie the government agent, Kennedy the photojournalist, Nikki the undercover cop, Anya the double agent, Monica a good cop gone bad, and finally Teri a classic film noire Private Eye.


Life Imitating Art

Christie Evans, a covert operative for a government agency, is investigating the adult video industry and gets entangled in a messy romance with a young porn star.

Picture Perfect

Photo journalist Kennedy Nixon loses her expensive camera and case. A frantic search come up empty; but miraculously it is returned the next day, but it now contains a mysterious picture she didn’t take and the picture haunts her for several days.

Sexual Justice Warrior

As an undercover female cop, Nikki is required to do a lot of questionable things. But what gang boss Bonnie Bucci, asks her to do is over the top.

Double Crossed Messenger by Candice Christian

Anya Grey is a spy. Code named: Lolita. A rising star in the espionage world, her career hits a snag when she tries to buy classified information from a brutal lesbian spy Brandie. It seems Brandie has an ax to grind.

Vengeance Is Mine

A married woman in an illicit affair with another younger woman and a police detective who had made it her own personal mission to get rid of each and every morally corrupt person in her city, find themselves on a collision course that’s sure to end in a gruesome murder.

Lesbian Undercover

Teri Baxter has just opened her Private Investigator’s Office and surprisingly she has her first client. Little knowing the client and her case, would change Teri’s life forever.

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