A closeted 18 year old, Erin Slater, had lusted after her oblivious friend Jessica for years. It takes a personal tragedy for Erin to catch her friends attention.


Erin Slater is a shy, teen with a lesbian crush on her school friend. The crush goes unnoticed by the friend, Jessica. As Erin gets older her fantasies about Jessica become intensely erotic and lead to obsessive self-pleasuring. The lascivious activity allows her to escape the stark reality of her home life and her lack friendship.

Erin and her over bearing mother have a very tumultuous relationship, her mother dominates her daughter with fear and abuse. On the flip side Erin’s famous father Sean is forced to be away from home for extended periods of time is a loving father but unaware of his wife’s abuse of Erin. When Sean commits suicide Erin fears her world has ended. No one loves her now.

Resigned to the notion that Jessica only views her as a friend, Erin is amazed when Jessica invites her over to spend the day with her watching movies and doing homework. Erin comes to the conclusion Jessica is only being sympathetic to her since her father recently committed suicide. Something that has created a deep sense of depression for Erin.

Once Erin arrives at Jessica home, the day becomes an epiphany for both girls. Jessica revealing she is not the girl Erin thought she was, and Erin learns she must take charge of her life.

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