A couple of Cincinnati police detectives are assigned a cold case file on missing former IRA operative from the early 80’s


Lillian Siobhan Kelly or Quick Lily, has been missing since the early 1980’s. The case file on her has been reopened after 40 years and assigned to two Cincinnati detectives. What they find is a common theme that runs throughout the case.

Playing the biggest role in the case is an old neighborhood pub, Patty’s Place, and its link to a rogue IRA terrorist her erratic activities, and a high incidence of lesbian behavior that seem to keep the detectives interest. The detectives begin at the favorite watering hole of the missing Irish lass and talk to people that knew her, or about her.

The more the detectives dig, the more the profile of Lilly begins to resemble a female Lothario. A flagrant lesbian that has left behind more questions than answers as a result of her disappearance. A missing lover, double crossed friends, and an unnamed baby that may or may not still be alive.

Returning to Patty’s Place the two detective set their minds to resolve the mysteries about Quick Lily and her girlfriend and put the old case to bed.

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