An overworked retail consultant, ‘escapes’ from her 70 hour work weeks to take a much needed vacation. It’s while vacationing she falls for Ellowynne, in more ways than one.


Needing to escape the hectic consulting world, Carey decides to take a quiet vacation at a remote forest resort in Kentucky. Enjoying her alone time she takes a long walk through the brightly colored autumn forest. Meditating and reflecting on her life. Something her hectic life doesn’t give her time to do normally.

Her reflections, however, are shattered when she and another woman collide on a narrow bike path. Carey ending up with a sprained ankle, and the other woman, Ellowynne in need of stitches. It’s over this accidental mishap, the two women form a friendship. Leaving Carey, a lifelong lesbian, and Ellowynne a very straight female with a small dilemma. That could get larger if the friendship continues.

After her vacation was over, Carey continued to communicate with her new friend via email and cell phone. Finally mustering the courage to make a move, Carey impulsively finds a way to get invited to Ellowynne’s house, while on her way home from a business meeting.

At Ellowynne’s, after several glasses of wine, Carey can’t seem to shake her romantic feelings for her new friend and makes an affable gesture, that leads to something a bit more serious. Her actions leave Ellowynne speechless and Carey fears she has just ruined their relationship.

While Carey is frozen, waiting for Ellowynne to ask her to leave. What Ellowynne does next leaves Carey breathless and confused.

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