Christie Evans, a covert operative for a government agency, is investigating the adult video industry and gets entangled in a messy romance with a young porn star.


Christie Evans is working undercover as an adult film actress, specializing in BDSM material. The agency she works for, is investigating the use of underage talent. While on assignment, she discovers she secretly enjoys the work. She falls for one of the actresses Kasey, and things really get messy.

Keeping her true identity from Kasey, creates even more problems for Christie. Then when the assignment wraps up, she learns the young girl she has fallen for is really working her way through college and really isn’t cut out for the hard core video world. That problem escalates and Christie is forced to sever all ties with young Kasey and leaves to visit relatives to get her mind off Kasey and their romance.

Christie stops along the interstate for gas and a restroom break, and in a case of Life Imitating Art, she falls victim to two rough type lesbians that give her a demonstration of real bondage, discipline, sadism, and degradation. After hours at the hands of Kae and Lau, Christie is not sure if she’s going to be allowed to live when the brutal girls are finished with her.

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2 thoughts on “LIFE IMITATING ART

  1. You’d think an undercover agent would be better able to defend herself… O_O

    Good job continuing to make a real effort to weave plots into your stories though. Not many erotica stories have any to speak of.


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