Jordan Royce, escapes an abusive family and finds a new life in the military, thanks to her commanding officer.


Jordan has been raised in an abusive family and forced into some depraved and disgusting activities. Her father went to prison for attempted murder as a result of the cruel things he had inflicted on her. Thinking she should leave before getting killed she joins the US Air Force.

It’s in the Air Force she finds a new life. A very nurturing environment of the military, allows Jordan to excel and move quickly through the ranks. Due in part to Captain O’Neill, her commanding officer. For the first time in her life, Jordan has an authority figure that treats her with respect and values her for her abilities.

Thriving from the mentoring that Captain Susan O’Neill provides, the deep respect between the two women evolves into something more. Something more intimate. Over time, the relationship blossoms into a romantic one. With the romance comes emotional attachment. But as is the case with the military and those in service, there are times they are called to war. Jordan and Susan were caught up in that.

Jordan is assigned to an Iran border skirmish, but finds a horrific battle taking place there. Jordan and her fellow soldiers are thrown into a no win situation and as the body count rises, Jordan discovers, her squadron has been double crossed and led to the slaughter, but the end comes too quickly for her to do anything about the betrayal.

Jordan’s body is sent back to the states, and Susan stands weeping over her grave, angry at the hand fate has dealt her and her lover. Susan resigns her commission and takes a position as a police captain in Alabama somewhere. Hoping to forget the heartbreak she experienced during her time in the military.

Little did Susan realize that a newly assigned and oddly familiar officer, Charlotte Stamper, would bring that hardship back to her door step and threaten her own life and that of her twelve year old son.

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