These LGBTQ+ Witch Books Will Cast a Spell on You

by ERIKA W. SMITH NOV 18, 2020

Hey gang! If you got some Amazon Gift Certificates for Christmas, here are some great releases about lesbians and witches. Two of my favorite subjects.

From Mel in Charmed to Prudence in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to Josie in Legacies, LGBTQ+ witch characters have been casting spells on us through our TV screens over the past few years. And a similar magical surge has been happening on our bookshelves, with the publishing company Tor Books proclaiming us officially in “the Season of the Witch” earlier this year. “I dare say that queer YA is finally big enough to have its own trends, and this past couple of years, there’s nothing we’ve seen rise further and faster than teenage witches in a whole rainbow of orientations and genders,” author and book blogger Dahlia Adler wrote for in February.

If queer, witchy YA is exactly what you’re looking for, you can fill your bookshelves with titles like the epic fantasy series Brooklyn Brujas by Zoraida Córdovathe high school romance novel/paranormal adventure These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling, and the graphic novel Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu. If nonfiction is more your thing, check out titles like Initiated: Memoir of a Witch by Amanda Yates Garcíaor Queer Magic: LGBT+ Spirituality and Culture from Around the World by Tomás Prower. Finally, those who want to practice magick themselves can pick up spellbooks by queer authors, like Ariel Gore‘s Hexing the Patriarchy or Cassandra Snow’s Queering Your Craft.

Here are some LGBTQ+ witch books to add to your bookshelves.

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This 2020 novel by Sarah Gailey follows a group of six witch friends—some of whom are queer—who have to cover up a prom night murder.
Set in a fantasy world, Maggie Tokuda-Hall’s debut novel follows an orphan Flora
 who assumes the identity of a pirate named Florian…and falls for Lady Evelyn Hasegawa, a highborn Imperial daughter on her way to an arranged marriage.
This multi-POV adventure/romance based on Irish folklore features a few different queer characters.
This bestselling novel set in 1880 New York follows 17-year-old Beatrice, who gets a job as a shop girl for two witches, Eleanor (who is queer) and Adelaide. 

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