Selena Lange, is a woman known by her neighbors, daughter and her co-workers as a person that could bring out the best in other people.


Selena Lange completely remade herself once she left her fundamentalist bible-thumping parents and transformed herself from a really, punkish, gothic, bad girl into a mature woman noted for her people skills and good looks.

No matter what Selena attempted she always did her best, and when dealing with people she excelled. The fact that she was a lesbian with a grown daughter, was no deterrent to her doing what she wanted, and always impressing people with her charm.

After raising her daughter Allison, she decided to reenter the workforce. She had been a licensed Aroma and Massage Therapist since she was a late teen. She used the skill to earn money to own her own home, put her daughter through college and left her beholden to no one. That is why she found the little massage business in Walton Kentucky so appealing, and she and the owner Evelyn were a perfect match.

The little shop catered primarily to women, some straight some lesbian, it was highly irregular for a man to make an appointment. The unofficial rule seemed to get challenged by one of Selena’s better clients when she asked to bring her spouse, Marion, in for a treatment for a sports injury.

Evelyn and Selena put the customer off as long as they could, until frustrated the customer drags her spouse into the shop and stuns Selena to the core. It seems that Marion, the clients spouse, is not a he rather Marion is a she! Things obviously take a turn to the wild side and it leaves Selena’s reputation unsullied and her bank account a little fatter.

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