Javicia Leslie Gets New Batmobile

In ‘Batwoman’ Season 2 Trailer

The new season starts Sunday, January 17.


DECEMBER 11 2020 1:54 PM EST

I am really excited about the return of Batwoman. If you haven’t watched yet catch it this coming January.

Another promo has been released for the upcoming second season of the CW’s Batwoman, and Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder is looking like exactly the hero we want and need.

The promo mostly shows Wilder wearing the original batsuit, created for Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane, but we also get to see the new batsuit in action, as well as a new Batmobile with the red Batwoman logo on it.

At the beginning of the promo, we see those who were close to Kate Kane, the original woman to wear the cowl, talk about how she went missing, and how Gotham needs a Batwoman. This is where Wilder steps in.

“Give me a chance,” she says. When she finally puts on the batsuit, we hear a voiceover of Wilder. “Time to be powerful,” she says and shivers shoot down my spine. This is the Batwoman we’ve been waiting for.

This promo also gives us our first meeting of Wilder and Alice, the series’ “big bad,” with the villain saying “I met the new girl, she’s gonna be a… handful.” The sister dynamic between Kane and Alice was a huge part of the show, and the villain’s main motivation, so it will be interesting to see how Alice deals with having to fight a Batwoman she’s not related to.

Back in September, at the DC FanDome Batwoman panel, showrunner Caroline Dries said that this season will see Ryan Wilder step into the middle of the Batwoman universe we already know.

“Ryan, will ironically, ultimately, unite the Kane family,” Dries said. “There are all of these strands of connection that she brings to them.” It’s going to be exciting seeing that finally happen.

One thought on “Javicia Leslie Gets New Batmobile

  1. Looks like a modified Corvette… Nice.

    The red wig is growing on me slightly with her also, but I still think she looks better without it. If she’s supposed to be a new Batwoman, let her be a NEW Batwoman.


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