Two longtime school friends, Gillian and Regan have an ugly fight after Gillian misunderstands Regan’s apparent lesbian advances.


Regan and Gillian, two students, at an exclusive school for girls are longtime friends. One afternoon, after rough housing in their dorm room, the skirmish turns erotic. The two of them take the encounter to another level, apparently to Gillian, both are consenting to the intimacy of their actions.

Regan has second thoughts; long after the point of no return and pushes her friend Gillian away in anger accusing her of being a lesbian and then the situation escalates to hostility. Names are called and a long time friendship disintegrates. Making things worse, the two girls are discovered by one of the school counselors and Regan is expelled from the school and Gillian is put on probation.

As a result, Gillian is obviously depressed at the turn of events. Her longtime friendship is over, and her friend is gone from the school. Wallowing in self-pity one of the most popular girls at the school, also an exchange student, Beatrice comes by to call on Gillian. A strange occurrence since Gillian didn’t think Beatrice even knew she was alive.

Gillian is shocked at the oddly swift speed at which the exchange student instantly seems to befriend her and acts as if they have always been friends. The two of them share their history, discuss the upcoming Halloween dance, and even agree to synchronize their costumes to go as a couple.

The two discuss their costumes, both agreeing to dress a WWE female wrestler and the conversation evolves into some play fighting and wrestling around on the bed. Gillian has a flash of Deja vu, of hers and Regan’s fiasco and is concerned Beatrice is setting her up for another disappointment. After all this whole scenario was moving so quickly, a lot didn’t add up.

Beatrice, however, has no such intentions, and proceeds to move the game to a much more erotic and intimate activity. Gillian decides that Beatrice is more than she appears to be and yet succumbs to her advances and decides to take the situation one step at a time and hopefully reach a happy ending, so to speak.

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