Sexy twenty something restaurant hostess Carrie, spots a beautiful red haired lady coming up to her hostess desk, and as if magically she sees visions of her and the red head embracing under cool satin sheets.


Gina and Jenna are meeting for lunch at a posh eatery in Columbus Ohio’s northwest side. Gina has flown in from Pittsburgh just for the visit. Carrie the hostess, is immediately stricken with lust for the older red haired Gina and maneuvers her way to wait on their table herself. When she comes to take their order, Gina comments on Carrie’s pendant necklace. Carrie uses that as her opening and runs with it.

Eavesdropping on the two diner’s, Carrie learns that the older Gina is newly divorced and has been on the prowl, mostly with men. But Carrie can tell she is on the fence regarding hooking up with another girl by the way she keeps staring at the sexy hostess..

Carrie chances it; just as the two women are about to leave, she slips a note to Gina with her phone number. She figures nothing ventured nothing gained. The red head pockets the note quietly and say nothing. After a long stare at the hostess, Gina leaves the eatery with her friend.

Gina goes through some serious soul searching before she decides to call the younger hostess. Carrie is thrilled when she get the call and meets up with the hot redhead moments later. Sorting out the ‘are you a lesbian’ issue over a drink, the two realize hooking up is imminent and they head to Carries apartment where she plans to rock the sexual world of the red haired neophyte lesbian.

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