Jenny a sheltered girl from Cincinnati, meets a wild Gothic chick, Violet at work, and it’s not long before Jenny and Violet are burning the candle at both ends.


Sheltered most of her childhood in a tightly knit religious family. When she graduates from high school, she learns that there is not money enough to send her to college. As a result she moves out of her comfort zone an takes her first job in a local hotel.

After working at the hotel for a while she meets and befriends Violet, an older Goth chick with tattoos covering her body. The friendship blossoms and leads to an intimate relationship. Violet relishes teaching the naive girl all the sweet pleasures of lesbian love. The two even move in together.

The two woman are lovers for several years, when it is obvious that the two have grown apart except for the sex, and Jenny still feels the need for male companionship, they split amicably and soon after Jenny marries another sheltered person, a man named Desmond.

Jenny’s attempts to include Desmond into her world of lesbian sex, would be most men’s dream. At first it is to Desmond and her rollicking lesbian affairs quite often include Desmond. At first just watching and sometimes even participating. But that too changes and Desmond and Jenny drift apart. Eventually Jenny, now a few years older, falls into a deep depressed state.

To break out of her depression, on a whim, Jenny decides to try the internet for a lesbian hookup and things move more quickly than she ever dreamed. She finds a person that captures her interest. The two women arrange to meet and talk about proceeding with the connection. When Jenny gets to the girls hotel room, a bottle of chilled Chardonnay in hand, she realizes she is speeding into a new sunrise as soon as the door opens.

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