Anya Grey is a spy. Code named: Lolita. A rising star in the espionage world, her career hits a snag when she tries to buy classified information from a brutal lesbian spy Brandie. It seems Brandie has an ax to grind.


Anya Grey has been a spy for only a short time yet she has several major accomplishments to her credit. Turning the evil Dragon Lady and her mad scientist lover Li, her crowning achievement. Now she finds she has a target on her back, and one of the Dragon Lady’s enforcers, Brandie, is seeking revenge against Agent Lolita.

Their first encounter, a simple swap of information ends up with Brandie really sticking it to Anya, literally. So much so that Anya has trouble sitting for several days. Yet still she did get what she set after from Brandie. She figured it was a one-time deal the revenge angle was over.

While at home nursing herself back to health, Anya gets a call from the Agency Director Amber. She lets Anya know that there is more to Brandie than meets the eye and an informant has revealed to the Agency that Brandie is going to strike again, on Anya, and finish the job on her, after inflicting some severe punishment.

Brandie catches Anya unaware, after sneaking into her house. She binds her and begins her retribution. The strong willed Agent Lolita bears up well during in the punishment for quite some time but, with her will broke and Brandie about to put the final exclamation point on her vengeance, the Director and her Chief of Staff Naomi show up and rescue Anya.

In the end the three Agency women decide, it’s Anya’s turn to teach Brandie a lesson and it turns into a life changing lesson for Brandie.

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