Something Carrie didn’t want to be…THE BOTTOM FEEDER!


Carrie joins a gym to lose some weight before her class reunion, in joining the gym, she falls head over heels for her personal trainer, Britt.



Carrie joins a gym to get in shape and lose a few pounds before her upcoming class reunion. While working out she realizes she really needs personal trainer if she is going to reach her goal on time.

Britt is the trainer Carrie selects and it isn’t long before Carrie has a crush on the tall well-built Amazon. As the classes continue, Carrie becomes more infatuated with Britt and really wants to make a move on the fitness beauty. But just before she tries, she notices that Britt is wearing a wedding ring and when Carrie mentions it, Britt begins to talk about her husband.

Even bummed out, Carrie still has fallen hard for her trainer. But accepts that it’s not meant to be and finishes the training and on the final night Carrie gets a huge surprise. Britt asks her out for a drink. To celebrate her training success. Carrie quickly accepts the offer but has little expectation of anything coming of their ‘DATE’.

The two women have a terrific time over drinks and conversation, and soon it’s time to say goodbye. The second surprise comes Carrie’s way. Once outside, Britt and Carrie exchange a very torrid kiss. The kiss at first is a surprise to Carrie, then a shock and finally sadness.

Britt wants to go further with the relationship, even though she is married. Carrie just can’t come to grips with that situation and leaves Britt standing outside the club. She drives home confused and angry at the turn of events with Britt.

After a night to sleep on it, Carrie decides to confront Britt and set her straight on how she feels about having an affair with a married woman. That’s when Carrie gets her third surprise. A surprise that changes the direction of their relationship.

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