Sometimes it’s better when you are…



An unlucky security guard, Taylor, draws the night shift during her company’s Christmas party. Little knowing she would stumble upon a party of her own.


Taylor Burke is a security guard at the prestigious law firm Murphy and Sons. She has been tabbed to work the video surveillance cameras the night of the company’s annual Christmas party. She arrives at work that evening on a down note because of her bad luck and sets up for a boring night of watching video monitors.

The boring evening goes just as Taylor expected, until one of the junior partners, Nina King, walks into the law firm’s copy room alone. Thinking it strange she wouldn’t be at the party, Taylor watches her closely. Surprisingly, the lawyer never attempts to make any copies.

Taylor gets suspicious and is about to alert the guards in the lobby when another figure appears in the room. An intern. A younger girl that Taylor recognizes. From her vantage point, she is expecting a real spat between the two in the room over a man. Instead, the younger girl gives the lawyer a hug and begins passionately kissing the older woman.

Taylor realizes this is some lurid liaison and gets herself engrossed in the show that is beginning to unfold on the video monitor. A show that drags Taylor into the same erotic frame of mind the two she is watching are experiencing. Taylor that her self-pleasure during the lesbian couple’s lovemaking is so detached and impersonal, yet sexually appealing.

The girls go on to put on quite a show for Taylor, and thinking fast, Taylor records the action, right up until the girls seem to have finished their love tryst and the older lawyer dresses and leaves the intern in the copy room to finish dressing. That is when Taylor decides it’s time for this party to get Up Close and Personal.

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