Things looked bad. THEN CAME THE DAWN…


During a Galactic war; a race of mutants the Retaliators, emerge to prevent Earth from a power-mad race of people threatening to conquer their homeworld.



Dawn Mason, better known as Opera part of the supergroup The Retaliators has been captured by the alien army trying to take over the Earth. She is bound and erotically tortured by the evil Martian Emerald Lily who is trying to get vital secrets from her.

Just when things look bleakest, Dawn is rescued by her team and whisked away from her captors. In time Dawn relates to Jasmine, also one of the Retaliators, InSINerator, that the sexual nature of Emerald Lily’s captivity had aroused latent feeling in her she had tried her best to suppress since she was thirteen.

An understanding Jasmine, sympathizes with Dawn, and slowly reveals her own secret intimate desires. So as to confirm for Dawn her own lesbian inclinations she takes her to a private club just for lesbians, and the two are drawn together in a combination of understanding and lust.

Their idyllic interlude however is interrupted by an alien attack that threatens not only the consummation of their love but destroy everything around them. Just when things are their darkest the United Earth Military arrives to thwart the Alien attack. Allowing Dawn and Jasmine to finish where they left off.

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