They were always ready for… SOMETHING NEW!


Two teachers at Philo High stumble upon an empty classroom where two coeds are engaged in a lesbian tryst. The shock at seeing it, causes an unusually erotic response from the young teachers.



Kala and Nomi are twenty-something teachers at Philo High. The school is filled with typical workplace gossip, scandal, and illicit affairs. The two had remained above the fray, up until the chance discovery of two eighteen-year-old girls engaged in hot lesbian sex, affects them both in the way they never dream would ever happen.

That evening, over dinner together, a surprising discussion on their discovery leads to a mutual seduction of the other. Kala and Nomi begin acting like young teens in the backseat of a car and begin their lesbian experimentation.

Their arousal and their passion take them from a steamy make-out session on the couch to a sweaty episode of wild abandonment in a queen-sized bed. Both young women learning how to please a woman as they continued through the evening. Even bringing erotic accessories to the bed, they continued on in search of something new.

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